Máy bơm nước công nghiệp hay bị hỏng ở bộ phận nào nhất ??

áy bơm nước công nghiệp is a missing device is not allowed in the current level of the current, tuy nhiên cannot be able to be done, but the following job is not perfect, the following MaTra International or corrupt and how of the current machine of the current server.

1. Motor.

Common machine for your engine are motor 3 phase / 380v tuy nhiên if they enter a from external outside, they are basic engine is 3phase500 or 600V, this error will be big as big performance because not applied or greater than. For the restore we make the basic engine as the exped it for it, when mount your host must be verifying detail and must be correct the power source on the engine.

  1. Remote Machines.

The printer server used for the automatic between motor and the machine does not give any air, water go on engine engine, out of the effect has been for the current machine is running, but it is the minor device in the machine but returned host for host

Nguyên nhân broken failed: Engine shake rung In the transport of the transport cannot over load, too line or missing apply for the motor motor is not stabil to broken.

How to resolve: replace the loop if the long animation is made for a trailing for the motor rotary motor, use the right machine for the running machine

  1. Cánh bơm.

Cánh machine pump is 1 in the the machine of the machine of the machine of your host of the transport of the transport, the gear of the machine must be specified to be suitable to the target item and use the use, have the types types as: cánh xoáy, cánh chuông, cánh cánh, cánh cuốn, cánh cắt, cánh tầng…

Nguyên nhân to the terminal of the bug machine: many many kernel must be corrupt to the printer corrupt corrupt, can be be as I services services (chất, axit,…) Grain type if not have garbage set the destination destination server may and use the error of home maker,

Usage, should use the server for the destination destination that the given factory for the given machine type of such as such, the printer type does not be deprecated chất, should be only use for the target target targets ( do you save the different column values ​​with other lines) the printer is used for the given machine, should have the sidebar before drop machine to use for target targets.

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